What is WP Shield?

WP Shield is a one-stop solution for protecting WordPress websites and their content. We provide all necessary plugins for securing WordPress.

No need to search for good plugins to solve different security issues. All of our plugins work independently and are also 100% compatible with one another and with other popular WordPress plugins.

  • +10 Years Experience In Creating WP Plugins
  • +10,000 Customers WordPress Sites
  • 15 Premium Plugins Included For FREE
  • Fast Support Get Hacked Sites Back

Our Security Plugins

Publisher WordPress Theme For Newspaper and magazine and blog

Premium WordPress Security Plugins

Exclusive and detailed plugins that
we created specially for securing WordPress websites!

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WPShield Content Protector

With WPShield Content Protector you can prevent content copiers from copying your website content. It protects all types of content, including text, images, videos, and even source code.

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Password Protector

Password Protector allows you to create private websites, pages or products. Only users with passwords or privileges are able to access the content or purchase products.

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wpshield images watermarker

Images Watermark

Images Watermark allows you to add your brand and copyright to all your site images in a variety of ways, so you can ensure that all your images are copyrighted and no one can use it.

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